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Monthly Archive for January, 2009

First Chemo…

…and it wasn’t as bad as expected. The drug cocktail comes with a combination of anti-nausea drugs, thank you chemists! It’s still not too easy to ignore my uneasy stomach and get an appetite for foods. Can’t imagine without these drugs, that must have been horrible in earlier days. I’m just thinking on a day-by-day basis. With one exeption, […]

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One more week

…and I’ll start chemo therapy. Not sure how it’ll impact me. But before, the drain tube from the last surgery has to be removed, what a goal it that?! Learning small steps find their way, too make a difference all the difference in my life.

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Finally, new work

Kindled by a lot of dissapointment over staff at the Cancer Care Center. Jagged triangles, warm and cold colors, shimmering soft silk. Still the underlaying vibrating soul visible. Weired enough, working on this soothes my soul, and expresses my hurt feelings at the same time.         Dupioni silk, hand-dyed cottons (Judy Robertson)       hand-dyed perle […]

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2nd Surgery

…went well, according to the doctor. Although, here again, the histology report sometime this week will tell the full story, hopefully no bad surprises. My body clearly tells me to stay in my bed for healing. The incisions are quite big and a rather annoying drain tube is still attached. Also, the necessary painkillers prevent my brain from any […]

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Happy New Year!

… and I’ll need a lot HAPPY. The last months where just awash: first in backbreaking work to get our house on the market, after my visit in at the IQF/Houston, were I had 2 quilts juried in, we moved and I finally got my studio(!), but here comes the downside: I also got diagnosed with breast cancer. Since August, I’ve […]

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