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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish

In 2005, I took my very first class on machine quilting. Elizabeth Spannring was a very good  teacher, no wonder I got hooked to this type of quilting in an instant. The small test-run sampler was done in no time, but the actual quilt dissapeared in my box of UFO’s. Finally, 4 years later, I […]

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2nd Chemo

Fridays are quite busy at the IV section of the CancerCC. Within 20 minutes, 4 different people worked on my IV, and only one introcuded herself by name. t, it turned into 3.5 hours quickly gone by due the nice company of my husband and a visit from friend. Today, day 3 after the treatment, I’m still in fairly good condition, […]

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I’m fine…

… for 3 more days. Friday, it’ll start allover. Second round of chemo. So, I decided to seize the moment and go tomorrow for the NW Flower & Garden Show. Let’s see how long I’m able to keep up, – I’m still getting tired easily.

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Shaving day…

 …has arrived. It’s day 12 after the first chemo treatment, and my hair is falling out very sudden and rapidly. I suppose, from now on I’ll be bald for several months. Of course, as I expected, I’ll be without hair for my husbands and my own birthday. On the bright side, no bad-hair-days anymore. Take a […]

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Great pain…

… came for 10 long hours. The shots I got to raise more white blood cells caused, – intentionally- massive cell production in my bones, mostly in the pelvis and lower back. I’ve been warned about possible pain, but this was a lot of pain. Even a heavy pain killer barely covered the worst. The labor pain, while giving birth to […]

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Side effects…

…are plentyful. Now, as also expected, the day 5 wasn’t very good, but 6 is even worse. I’m experienceing lots of trouble with my night sleep, I’ feel like not rested at all. This leaves my back, muscles, bones and mind extremly tired. Despite the anti-nausea drugs, everything in my abdomen is in brutal uproar. But the […]

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