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Monthly Archive for April, 2009


…shall be the name of our group! And it means all kind of fiber art: Weaving, quilting, knitting and crochet, beading, felting and whatever you can imagine you could do with any kind of fiber or fabric. Now, after we’ve found a official name, we’re up to organize a group show at the Good Sheperd Center in […]

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Better days…

…are here. Since I’m now on a double dose diuretics, I’m much better. But my lymphedema won’t budge, and the side effects from Taxotere are still far from over.

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Fish, Fish, Shark…

   … can you see the shark?       When I bought this pattern, it pictured some kind of a whimsical school of fish on a blue background, good idea, but  – I immediatly saw all the fish in silks, shiny stuff and the surround in hand-dyed fabrics. I especially like the tropical water […]

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Well, to kick something…

…like Chemo will take a while. Even I know that I don’t have to get another one, it’s quite hard on the body. One of the drugs of the chemo cocktail isn’t exactly a Martini, it causes a lot of fluid retention. I feel like a walking water barrel. My eyes are very watery, all […]

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Hey, I kicked chemo!

… and got a T-shirt with the same print  🙂  This means, – I hope -, the worst part is over. Although, several people keep telling me that radiaton 32 times isn’t exactly a “piece a cake”. So far, I’m feeling not too bad, of course, no taste again. Not even a bland cup of […]

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Only 4 more days…

… and I’ll go back to the hospital and receive my 4th and last chemo. Let’s hope it won’t be too bad. I’ve noticed, that my body has more and more difficulties to handle the drugs. Even the promising “third week” was not really good. I’m constantly tired, really tired. I could sleep 14 hours […]

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