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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

City in the Rain

  Every city has its reputation. Seattle is well-known for its rainy days. Best Challenge and Best Interpretion of the Song Title.

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A new book…

…about painting on fabric or quilts arrived today. Great inspiration, so many different ways to apply paint to materials. –  Makes me run upstairs and mess around with paint. But,  hold on, – first I have to make a clean space for new creativity. Oh, what a chaos lives in my studio! I better get going to […]

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Plenty to do…

…after so many months of sickness and treatments. Yesterday, I tried to have “naked” look into my room which I call studio.  Not too promising and inviting for creative work. It’s a world away from being my favorite space. I suppose, it’s time to to serious planning of all the space . Get out the paper, measuring […]

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The next step…

… is getting back in shape and loosing weight. Both of my oncologists highly recomend to get truly skinny, it’ll push my chances for survival over the long run way up.  But in sharp contrast to people who get immediate “rehab” treatment in case of a heart attack or sports injury, there is no “Cancer Rehab Program” available.  […]

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