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What color is your shade?

(Photpgraph © by Eva Stoerch)  This picture shows exactly what I’m trying to explain to many aspiring artists: Shadow during daylight is BLUE – here is the proof! The color of the sunlight is not very visible to our human eye, but it is sligtly orangy-yellow in winter, ergo the shadow is the complimentary color. If you could […]

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Pattern and Color

Diamond shaped natural stone floors in beautiful neutral colors. I wonder how much thought the craftsmen, who built the Asam Kirche (1733-1746), had put into the layout, – or more likely – nothing whatsoever, like grabbing snippets out of a brown bag. Which proves the point that there is always the danger to “over-think” the creative process?  Let randomness pair up with […]

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A new book…

…about painting on fabric or quilts arrived today. Great inspiration, so many different ways to apply paint to materials. –  Makes me run upstairs and mess around with paint. But,  hold on, – first I have to make a clean space for new creativity. Oh, what a chaos lives in my studio! I better get going to […]

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