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I’m back in my studio…

…which is still unorganized, but I decided not to get distracted by clutter and not yet perfected furnishing solutions. If I’d wait for the perfect studio, that might take a loooooong time. Now, I’m making silk scarfs, beautiful scarfs, and small items like baggies and mini-pouches. Some of my silk scraps, kimono silks and second hand […]

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A new book…

…about painting on fabric or quilts arrived today. Great inspiration, so many different ways to apply paint to materials. –  Makes me run upstairs and mess around with paint. But,  hold on, – first I have to make a clean space for new creativity. Oh, what a chaos lives in my studio! I better get going to […]

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Plenty to do…

…after so many months of sickness and treatments. Yesterday, I tried to have “naked” look into my room which I call studio.  Not too promising and inviting for creative work. It’s a world away from being my favorite space. I suppose, it’s time to to serious planning of all the space . Get out the paper, measuring […]

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